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Grand Mayan Scam Unit

Grand Mayan Scam Unit

Non-Profit and Profit
Grand Mayan Scam

The Grand MayanScam Unit was created by Vida Vacations to help protect people against timeshare fraud. The head of the Grand Mayan Scam Unit believes that a change is coming to the Mexican timeshare and vacation industry. That very Soon timeshare and vacation owners will be able to optimize the potential of their properties and enjoy a honest market place that is free of fraudulent activities and timeshare scamsGrand Mayan Scam Unit has witnessed a fall in complaints and believes that this is due to an increase in awareness about fraud thanks to Vida Vacations, Mayan Resorts initiative to combat timeshare scams.

People are more aware that the timeshare market in Mexico is a great opportunity to buy quality products at low prices. Perhaps more importantly people are aware that they need to work with reputable timeshare ownership and resale companies to avoid fraudulent transactions and timeshare scams” Grand Mayan Scam Unit, Representative.

The Grand Mayan Scam Unit  has reviewed and solved many timeshare complaints against  vacation and resale businesses. Vida Vacations, Mayan Resorts have helped consumers exit contracts that were not in line with Mexican law. The Grand Mayan Scam Unit has helped fraud victims get their money back even after the rescission period has expired. The Grand Mayan Scam Unit liaises with various third party legal departments. Timeshare scam victims now send complaints to the Grand Mayan Scam Unit. Meaning that Mayan Resorts has had to increase the size of its not-for-profit sector to better review timeshare fraud complaints.

Vida Vacations and Mayan Resorts spent the last 15 years helping people buy, rent and trade timeshare and vacation ownership, now they are helping the industry combat fraud and timeshare scams” Grand Mayan Scam Unit, Representative

Unlike other timeshare and vacation business the Grand Mayan is scam free, which can be accredited to the non profit section of the company. The Grand Mayan has a non-profit component of its business. Mayan Resorts believes that purging the timeshare industry of fraudulent business practices, is vital to the overall health of the Mexican vacation market. The Grand Mayan Scam Victim Line was a help line designed to provide assistance and information for people who had experienced timeshare fraud in Mexico. After the success of the help line for timeshare scams, The Grand Mayan has now created yet another non-profit project in the form of their Scam Unit.

Everyone at the Timeshare Times is hoping that many other resorts and hotel chains, follow the example set by Mayan Resorts.



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